Niche Relevant Placement of Links


Selected links on available articles in actual sites

A record of sorts – among the first to use Machine Learning for Onpage Service


Niche specific, highly contextual links that form a powerful grid

Links from pages need to land on sites that are actually relevant and Google has laid down the rules for this – it also throws the algorithms out of order and dilutes the relevance of a site. At Nextoutreach, we offer absolute control over the preferred niche of the site where the links needs to be placed. All links go into sites that are real and have been around for long, in addition to being fully related to the content on your site. There are no two ways of doing this – there is just one way to build links – keep it relevant and highly contextual to the pages that are linked. 

Long term links – Immediate Results

Placements of fixed links mean that you will benefit from the power of the links till the time the website exists.  You can enjoy swift and long term results from the links. Actual sites that have been around for long will expand and help your site to benefit from the growing reach. At any point of time if you find the links missing, simply drop a line and we will get the link restored, pronto. 

Important Metrics Used

We follow a school of thought that is result driven and proven – we rely on Referring Domains as an important aspect before accepting links for Niche relevant sites. This is a lot unlike the outdated metrics still followed by some.  We regard Backlink profiles as important criteria to judge sites before inclusion on our Niche Edits Outreach Network. We filter out a very large number of sites before zeroing in on the preferred ones for our network.


On the look out for White Hat Link Building Option that is effective and drive strategically?

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Ref - Domain 40 - 100
Authority Sites
Contextual Links
Effective Results
1 Links $35
5 Links $145
10 Links $250
20 Links $475
Ref - Domain 100 - 400
Authority Sites
Contextual Links
Effective Results
1 Links $55
5 Links $275
10 Links $525
20 Links $1040
Ref - Domain 400 - 999
Authority Sites
Contextual Links
Effective Results
1 Links $70
5 Links $340
10 Links $650
20 Links $1320
Ref - Domain 1000+
Authority Sites
Contextual Links
Effective Results
1 Links $110
5 Links $530
10 Links $999
20 Links $1890


The satisfaction of living up to expectations and meeting the metrics that we have laid down is certainly something that keeps us going. However, the appreciation of clients and the recognition of our contribution and effort gives us that extra zing and motivation to continue working with greater devotion and dedication. Glance through a few of our client testimonials. 

Richard B

Nextoutreach is definitely a top rated agency. They possess the knowledge, experience and have the results to show for their efforts. Strongly recommended.

Anton S

This is simply great. I got what they claimed and the best part was the transparency. I could see where the links were placed and they were highly relevant.

Ricardo G

I have been using the services of Nextoutreach for SEO for quite some time for my clients, and I have to admit that they have a big role in my growth and the satisfaction of my clients.


This refers to backlinks on Web resources that have already been indexed. These handpicked options typically have proven authority and strong historical footprints which add value. As a result, pages end up with better Page Ranking and are way ahead of backlinks on new posts. 

Certainly, these really work. The chosen websites enjoy good traffic and the bloggers are particular about maintaining their reputation as an expert in a particular niche. Bottom line – the bloggers would never agree to irrelevant links, and this means that the results are pretty impressive.

No way that you will get into trouble. This is not a black hat technique. This is all about building context and relationship with webmasters interested in accepting link building requests for monetary considerations.  This is exactly how blogs are monetized. Our network is extensive, straddling thousands of blogs; you really need not be apprehensive of spam.

100%. The moment the post goes live, the URLs are shared. This is a lot different from other services where screenshots are provided. You get absolute visibility of the link building activity.

Negative. We are sorry, the high volume of orders that we receive do not permit us to take such requests. Sharing of links before the order is placed really does not work out.

The timelines that we assure for delivery are a maximum of 14 days. However, do not take 14 days, we actually deliver details of reporting URLs in one week.

Almost all clients get to see good spurt in traffic in less than ten days. However, we are of the opinion that 15 days is enough to see the actual results.  Our system is effective and proven, however, we do not have absolute control over the results and will not be in a position to give you an accurate timeline for seeing the numbers. 

Our services come with a bulk discount offer for agencies and businesses that have frequent monthly requirements or volume requirements. You could get on a call with one of our experts to get the best prices after discussing your needs.